History of the Inn

Maine’s First Inn

The Old Orchard Beach Inn is an historic restoration of the original Ye Olde Staples Inn, the first hotel in Maine. Reopened in June 2000 the Inn has gone thru a total renovation and is authentic with totally redone hardwood floors, antique furnishings and more.

The original building was erected in the 1730’s, when Indians were still swarming the forests in back of the ancient Mansion. The Farm was converted by Ebenezer C. Staples and opened to travelers as the Staples Inn in the 1830’s when there were only 3 other buildings in Old Orchard Beach. “The vast stretch of beach could be seen from the windows of the old Staples cottage as far as the eye could reach.” Ebenezer was born March 8, 1808 and had inherited the Staples Farm from his father. He and his wife were “inherently adapted to the hotel business.” Their courtesy made their house popular; guest who once came returned annually, as regularly as “the swallows homeward fly.”

The building was probably a one-story cape when it was built in the 1700’s, the roof was lifted, and the second story was added in the 1800’s. An ell was later added in the 1850’s. The general outline of the present Inn is much the same as when it was put up in 1730.

The Inn was accepted to the National Register of Historic Places in 1987.